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Amegy Bank Pay & Benefits reviews Busy professionals benefit the most from a private banking relationship. These people spend most of their time running their businesses and are looking for a knowledgeable banking resource to help simplify their financial life so they can focus their extra time on hobbies and family. They are experts in their line of business and are looking for someone knowledgeable who they can trust to help them manage their finances.

Private bankers are typically part of a wealth team that should have access to a financial planner, trust planning and administration, investment portfolio management and retirement planning. Rather, their seat at the table helps busy professionals evaluate and manage their financial lives and relationships. Once a relationship is established, what should the client expect from the private banker?

Clients should be able to call their private banker outside of normal business hours and get a response. It will be clear that the relationship has value if the client is happy with his or her ability to transact banking in an easy and efficient manner. Your blog has helped me to understand the finance culture somewhat. A few weeks later we meet at a Starbucks for coffee. She is in her early 20s, a fast-talking, cheerful woman of south-east Asian descent. I don't understand how she can be okay with all the late nights and going to social events on her own, and generally being with someone who is always somewhere else.

Why is she making excuses for him? Why doesn't she fight back, why doesn't she say, 'I deserve someone who's there for me'? She seems to have a very traditional view of how women should behave.

And I never understood how this would impact my life. Over the summer it was still all right, his hours were between 9am and 7pm. I was like, okay, I can handle this. But things were already changing in him. He began to make jokes about colleagues' wives and how they spend their money. How the girlfriend of a colleague of his had to wait till 4am the next day for him to appear. He'd turn this into a joke. I began to realise: It's crazy how you adapt to that. These days when he finishes at 10pm I think to myself: I am changing as well.

They don't know about us. But they must suspect something. All of a sudden, I start getting phone calls at 1am, 2am. We used to talk on the phone every night before bed for at least 40 minutes to an hour.

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Now I just text him because I know there is no point in calling, he won't pick up. I go to bed and wake up the next day to find his text. It's an awful place, in his room there is just his bed and wardrobe. The kitchen is disgusting because it's never used.

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One time when I stayed there I had to wait till 3am for him to come home. All this time I was just waiting and waiting, and back then he didn't even have a television or any internet. What I do now is I fill up my whole day and evening, because I don't want to sit in his flat waiting for him. I am thinking, tomorrow morning we'll have a chat and a lie-in. But then he gets an email, saying: It's the opposite, my man works too much.

For me it was happiness, and being surrounded by loving people. For him that came second. The job was first. He is the sweetest man in the world.

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And I can see that this is what he wants to do, that this job is where his heart is. I tease him about his weight gain. You're chained to your desk all day, I tell him.

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When he goes out running for lunch he'll call me. He'll ask, what should I order?

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And we have this three way conversation with the guy taking the lunch order. Sometimes he gets to leave the office by 8pm. He calls and I feel I have to cut my program short because maybe we can spend an evening together, perhaps even go to a restaurant. When this happens I feel really stupid, leaving my friends and dropping everything for him. The power balance in our relationship has shifted completely.

He's under a lot of pressure. His parents have financial difficulties and he is helping them pay their debts. He is very religious and he doesn't drink. This is not making things easier for him at the bank. In fact his parents have said that if he has to drink to get ahead at the bank, then this is okay. Same dilemma with strip clubs. My position makes no sense, I know, but as long as we're not married, I'm okay if he has to go. But if we're married, then it's not acceptable.

So he will text me, asking: What's a good drink to buy a girl my age? We were at a train station, he was so excited that he came running towards me and picked me up. People thought we were very strange, but we were just so excited — he had worked so hard and finally he had an offer. The other day we were talking about a friend of his who is also in finance, but with much better hours. I pointed that out to him and he went: A little while ago we were having dinner and he got a message that he had made a mistake.

This threw him off completely. He couldn't stop fidgeting, wouldn't listen to me. The rest of the evening he'd fret about work.

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When we plan something, he says 'But I may have to cancel'. When we're out, there is always the chance of him getting called back into the office. He comes with terms and conditions.

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But he's going to have to change himself, to fit in. Right now he cannot stand being told off by someone. That makes him feel like he died. He takes every rejection incredibly personally, even if it's a job application or something else to do with work.