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How To Love A Depressed Man And all I ask Is are you ok? I have told my partner that I have been researching and I have now joined a group and he is so happy that I have tried to get a understanding of what he is going through.

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It's extremely seeing the ones we love go through this and I feel so sad and my anxiety goes through the roof but then I've also that us partners need to look after ourselves too which is easier said than done. I can only image what my partner is going through, but I love him and I'll be there for him it's going to be hard at times too, that's why I thought I'd join this group to get more support and understanding, let us know how it goes and you are not alone.

I met my current partner back in June , it was all very casual at first. He was going through a very dark period and he didn't want to get close to anyone due to his anxiety and depression. He didn't want to be a burden on anyone else. Me, being a woman was all like "I love you and I'll fix all your problems and make you feel better" but as we know, that is not a reality, especially when dealing with mental illness.

I gave him his space which was hard but worth it. It's our one year anniversary next week. T ry not to take it personally, I know I felt that way too. Kanga has hit the nail on the head.

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When you date a man with depression, it can become a struggle to maintain a relationship with him and protect your own mental health. Dating someone with depression can be hard. It's painful to watch someone you care about suffer and not be able to help them. It can be bewildering to listen to.

Thank you for sharing you story I found this most helpful, I've only being seeing my new partner for 6 months but he is the most amazing man I've ever met, and I like just like you oooo I love and I'll fix everything but having joining up with this group and researching I've come to know that yes my partner needs space too and he is ever so grateful for it. I know we will get through this my partner and I,. I'm in a similar situation.

I've been with my partner for 2 and a half years, and the thing i struggle most with is the space he says he needs. We've been doing long distance for almost our whole relationship, and I struggle most with it, especially when he has moods in which he can go days without wanting to talk to me. I find it most hard to not send a message saying 'I hope you're ok xx' or 'I hope you have a good day, I love you' but I often can't keep myself from sending those messages.

I'm not sure that the messages themselves are bad, but I hate feeling the way I feel when he has read them and won't reply. For example, 2 mornings ago we were talking and he was fine, then I sent a message in reply, and he didn't read it.

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It came to about 8pm of the same day and I sent him a message asking if he was ok, he said no. The following day I made my organised visit to his house. The thing that bothers me most is that we couldn't sleep last night and at about midnight he had a massive group conversation with a few of his friends a group I was added to , yet he can't have a conversation with me either over message or in person??

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When he's good, he's good, but when he's not feeling great, it can be really difficult. I'm unsure of how I can support him when he won't let me, or he pretends he's ok when he's talking to his friends online? Reassure the person you love of your feelings.

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Overlooking symptoms of depression may seem easier and emotionally safer for you, but this only causes relationship conflict and a lack of understanding. Even in the best of circumstances, depression takes time to heal.

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Putting pressure on your partner to snap out of it is not the answer. As with any mental health condition, it needs to be managed through active and consistent support, healthy coping skills, and individualized treatment options.

Ask how you can help and listen carefully to the response. Depression causes a lack of enthusiasm about life. This negative attitude is not a reflection on you.

Top 9 Things to Consider When Dating Someone With Depression

Your partner might feel more irritable, more fatigued, and less energized and might even push you away when you try to help. Do not take this personally. Instead, focus on finding ways to connect emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and believe that your partner finds you attractive even if he or she is not always in the mood. In fact, a healthy, loving relationship is a healing and protective factor against mental health issues. Instead of operating on assumptions, ask your partner what he or she needs.

Get creative with activities and date ideas that call for both of you to be actively engaged in making it a success. Trying to fix them or making your partner into a project will only make matters worse and lead to relationship dysfunction. You are there to offer support and love. He knows this better than anyone else, so he leaves.

5 Things You Should Know About Depression

Your mind went from cloudy to thunderstorms. If it was hard to laugh when you were with him, now it is impossible. Your friends, the ones who stuck around, try all they can to cheer you up, but you avoid them, because you are embarrassed of your sadness. You are afraid that your depression, like his, will be infectious.

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I can only image what my partner is going through, but I love him and I'll be there for him it's going to be hard at times too, that's why I thought I'd join this group to get more support and understanding, let us know how it goes and you are not alone. He loved you once, after all. Please try later or contact us. But you already know there is much more to them than their illness, and getting through the hard parts together can give you a deeper appreciation for each other. Ask how you can help and listen carefully to the response. Two years later, she was diagnosed with major depression and a year later, in , with dysthymia mild, chronic depression. Dating someone with depression can be difficult, confusing, and painful at times.

So you withdraw into your own little world. You eat and sleep and work. And every day, you look for the reset button, to go back to the person you once were, before you met him. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Reblogged this on tinaysabella. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.